Friday, September 2, 2011

1bestari net - Big Money in Smart School

The local paper carried the news about RM1.5 billion ringgit budgeted for the contract to supply internet access to virtual learning for 9924 school under Smart School Bestari project. Just to align it to the 1malaysia concept, the project was rename as 1bestarinet.

Malaysian are known to change the theme when the leadership change. Under the previous PM, the theme was.."Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang". And now is 1 Malaysia.

The idea and the implementation of the smart school was part of the 7 flagship of MSC. If you go the MSC, it still mentioned about the smart school as..."Smart School
Following the Education Development Blueprint (2006-2010), to ensure that all schools in Malaysia `Be Smart` by 2010 and assuring Smart School Qualification standards adopted throughout for quality assurance, this application is not only an investment benefit for the general society, but also a benefit for businesses for the up and coming future as it ensures that the future generations of workers or employees are more tech savvy and well versed and in tune with the ever rapidly progressing digital age."

Now it is 2011, and the billion ringgit investments were burned in smoke. The new project will draw billion ringgit for the contractors, but without accountability, it will be another smoke screen.

Incidently the link to smartschool at


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